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We train and teach the basics of dancing after stretching before every class. 


Kids tend to just follow a choreography without learning the basics, so this class will focus in using their body and complete one choreography by 1 month by learning the parts step by step for each class, each week. 

(Based on the length and difficulty of a choreography, we master either the first verse+highlight  or the whole choreography)


TIP: Because each class continues the choreography from the previous week, it is difficult to follow the next part if you are absent for any class. Please try to participate in every class. 


DRESS CODE: comfortable clothes/sweats (jeans not preferred) and shoes (crocs and sandals not allowed)


We master 1 choreography in 4 weeks with stretching and basic training 

CLASS TIME: Every Wednesday 4:30PM

CLASS AGE:  9-12years 

CLASS FEE:  $100 (4 WEEKS)



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